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Coco Mango Beach Party

Coco Mango Beach Party

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Welcome to the Islands! Time to relax in the sun on the beach by the warm Caribbean waters and recharge. You're going to need time to relax, once you switch to Coco Mango Beach Party. All of your post-goal cellys are going to leave you pretty exhausted. Coco Mango Beach Party hockey wax is a sweet tropical explosion of scent married with a tough-as-nails stick wax.  Your stick tape will waft scents of coconut, pineapple, mango, and a bit of cherry and vanilla as you jump over the boards. For an instant transporting you to the islands, and as your feet hit the ice, snapping you back to reality, wake up that there is a game to win.

Like all Absolute Filth waxes, Coco Mango Beach Party uses our blend of all-natural waxes. Each is chosen for a specific purpose, to make your tape last, and to give you command and control over the puck. Protected by our famous screw top tin your Coco Mango Beach Party will always be nice and clean, sand and grit belong on the beach not your hockey wax.

 Coco Mango Beach Party hockey wax is a sweet tropical explosion of Coconuts, Pineapple, Mango, and Vanilla. One whiff and you will be whisked to a beach party somewhere warm.


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