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Absolute Filth

Pure Filth

Pure Filth

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If you want all-natural hockey wax, you got it.

Absolutely, unadulterated, PURE FILTH.

PURE is just that, as natural as you can get. Three simple ingredients, Soy, Coconut, and Beeswax.

Nothing else, no paraffin or coloring agents, or scent. Just wax. Plain and simple.

 We would like to introduce you to your new secret weapon. When you put Absolute Filth, Pure Filth all natural Hockey Wax on your stick you will gain superior control over the puck. Control like you have never felt before. That is because Absolute Filth is like no other wax you have used before. Engineered by wax scientists who have over 25 years of experience making the fastest ski wax on the planet. Absolute Filth Hockey Wax will be your new secret weapon on the ice.

Absolute Filth, Pure Filth all-natural Hockey Wax is made up of a blend of soy, coconut, and beeswax. Each is selected for a single purpose. To make you a scoring machine.  Imagine having enhanced control, allowing you to effortlessly dance with the puck down the ice. Yet it is soft enough to melt deep into your tape even in the coldest of locker rooms. What are you going to do with all the time saved by not having to replace your tape all the time?

Pure Filth all natural Hockey Wax will not be filthy to apply. It comes in a screw top, rust-proof tin that can take the punishment of living in a hockey bag.


  • PURE: all natural hockey wax
  • 3 Wax Formula: Each wax is chosen for a specific property to make an elite stick wax
  • Advanced Water Shedding: Using our 25 years of wax experience we have chosen waxes that actively repel water from your stick.
  • Easy Application: Goes on to your stick super easy, just a couple of passes will load up and protect your tape.
  • Unscented: Just the natural smell of nature
  • Super tacky: Your tape will become super glue, have confidence in the puck like never before
  • Non-Toxic: All-natural wax ingredients keep you and the environment clean

How to use Hockey Wax:

Take the wax out of the secure protective container

Palm the wax puck and place your middle finger down the grove

Apply some pressure and rub the wax up & down the blade of your twig

Place the wax back in its container and drop it into the bottom of your hockey bag

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