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Absolute Filth

Sizzlin' Cinnamon

Sizzlin' Cinnamon

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Sizzlin' Cinnamon will provide the tack and control you will need to control your blistering slap shots from downtown. Were talking shots that scream underneath the defenseman's crotch and then under the blocker-side armpit of the goalie. For a split second, the goalie might even catch a whiff of the Cinnamon scent on the puck as it goes whizzing past them. Another goalie burnt to the ground.

Light it up out there on the ice with a stick full of Sizzlin' Cinnamon. Absolute Filth Cinnamon Sniper hockey wax will provide the armor your stick tape needs while providing an eye-opening Cinnamon scent.

The wax used in Sizzlin' Cinnamon will make your stick tape bulletproof or at least waterproof for a while. The blend of waxes used, each selected for a specific purpose will protect your tape and provide pinpoint control as you take aim from the blue line.


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